Episode #68 – Crash Test

Mike’s back from his big adventure at the 2012 European Team Championship and has tales of action to tell! To get a unique perspective on the event from behind the lens, we’re also joined by The Joeyberry to discuss her fantastic work in covering all the excitement of the international tournament on video. We also [...]

Episode #67 – Bite the Bullet

It’s here! The long awaited and eagerly anticipated 6th edition of Warhammer 40,000 has belched forth from the Games Workshop design studio into our hands. But does it live up to the hype? This week’s episode is part 1 of our dedicated review of the core game as we delve into every nook & cranny [...]

Episode #66 – Tricked Out

  This week we tackle a tips & tools session for your battlefields – looking at ways to make them gameproof and more practical for everyday play. Also, Andrew from Rankings HQ drops by for an in-depth discussion about the new & innovative ways that tournament tech is being used at competitive events around the [...]

Episode #65 – Crash & Burn

  Strapping on some wings and more guns than you can poke a stick at, we take to the skies in this episode to investigate the latest additions to the 40K setting – the new flyers! Whether you’re a Marine, Ork or Necron fan, there’s something new for you this month and we take a [...]

Bonus Episode – State of the Art

  We’ve got something a little different for you this week! “State of the Art” is a bonus episode sitting outside of our usual “numbered” episodes, giving us the opportunity to present to you a little bit of content from the World’s End vault that has been unreleased previously. In this episode, Luke catches up [...]

Episode #64 – A Little Bit Shady

It’s time to paint the town red! Or is it Evil Sunz Scarlet? Whatever the colour, we’re sure to be discussing it in this episode as we catch up on one of the most monumental changes in recent years for the discerning miniature hobbyist – the release of the brand new Citadel Paint range! Luke [...]

Episode #63 – Rude Awakening

The wait is over… World’s End Radio is BACK!! Closing out 2011, Luke is joined by Mike & JVB for an absolute megasode! We catch up on the many events of recent months, as well as to give a full breakdown review of the new Warhammer 40,000 Codex: Necrons. We discuss the evolution of the [...]

Episode #62 – Gaining Ground

It’s another action packed episode this time, with a bunch of Malifaux related goodness in the spotlight! We catch up with local henchman Liam Tennant to chat about a few upcoming events and have a look at the Malifaux “Gaining Grounds” competitive play system. We also touch base with Eric Johns from Wyrd miniatures, who [...]

Episode #61 – Full Metal Beast

The wait is over! Fueled up and ready for action, this episode sees us unleash the full metal beast that is Warmachine & Hordes tournament gaming! With live discussion from the WA event of the same name, as well as a catchup chat to cover all of the Rankings HQ supported action on the east [...]

Episode #60 – Feel Our Wrath!

This episode sees our return to the Iron Kingdoms, as we take a good look at the latest offering from Privateer Press for Warmachine players: “Wrath!” With new characters and weapons of destruction for each faction to come to grips with, we get stuck right in and review some of our favourite elements of the [...]