Welcome to the PLANET KILLERS!

The “Planet Killers” are a community group of World’s End Radio’s most dedicated listeners. In addition to being a network of fanatical hobbyists from across the globe, Planet Killer members have access to an exclusive members only forum where they can meet online and chat about anything hobby related, whilst hanging out with the hosts and guests from the show!

By becoming a member, you get:

  • Exclusive access to the forums. Can’t get enough hobby simply from listening to the show? Got a question about something covered in one of our episodes or about the hobby in general? Maybe you want to share some of your own achievements? Join the hosts and other guests and listeners of the show and do it on the Planet Killers forums!
  • Additional show content. Whether it’s an entire bonus episode feature or simply some backstage musings on life or the hobby in general, from time to time we will record additional show content that will only be accessable by members of the Planet Killers via the forums.
  • Contests. All of our future World’s End Radio listener contests are only able to be entered by members of the Planet Killers. We want it to be our most dedicated listeners reaping the benefits of whatever cool things we’re giving away!
  • Much more to come! The Planet Killers are only just getting started! In future we plan to bring you more exclusive content, more articles, and more opportunities to get involved and be a part of the show!

  • The cost?

    Nothing! We produce this show not for profit, but because we enjoy doing it! We would like nothing more than for every single one of our listeners to register and become a contributing part of our online community to support the show. We want to see what you’re playing, what you’re painting, share our hobby expertise and war stories, and most importantly – continue having fun! If this sounds like something you’d enjoy being part of, then click the links below and register for the Planet Killers now!

    Come and join us on the forums. Thanks again for listening!

    Register now!

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