Episode #70 – Plow On Through

World’s End is back to kick off the 2013 season of the show with a journey into the Jwar Isles to explore the game of “Bushido“! This oriental themed skirmish game is ripe with characterful flavour and local expert David Capon joins us in the guest chair to lead us on a journey of discovery through the game factions and rules. We also have the privilege of catching up with a couple of the designers themselves in the form of Toby Nathan and Odin Mentlak from GCT Studios to discuss the development of the game setting and what the future has in store!

Intro & Show News (00:54)

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Hobby Update (36:06)

  • - The new GW Hobbit model range. <Link>
  • - New Casters spoiled for Hordes. <Link>
  • - Upcoming Warhammer Total War PC game in the works. <Link>
  • - The latest Horus Heresy marines from Forgeworld <Link>

An Introduction To: Bushido (57:54)

Industry Interview: GCT Studios (01:44:11)

  • - We catch up with Toby and Odin from GCT Studios for an in depth discussion of how Bushido went from concept to reality, as well as the work currently taking place to build the global Bushido hobby scene. There may even be a few sneak previews of upcoming releases squeezed in as well!

Deep Strike (02:42:55)

  • - We tackle the latest in tough questions from the miniature gaming industry.


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