Episode #66 – Tricked Out


This week we tackle a tips & tools session for your battlefields – looking at ways to make them gameproof and more practical for everyday play. Also, Andrew from Rankings HQ drops by for an in-depth discussion about the new & innovative ways that tournament tech is being used at competitive events around the world.

Intro & Show News (01:05)

  • - Episode sponsors: BattleFoam – Protect your army! RHQTV – Game on! & Defiant Gaming – More bang for your buck! (For details on how to sponsor an episode, check out the “Show Support” page here.)

Hobby Update (31:01)

  • - Warhammer 40,000 6th edition book launch details. <Link>
  • - New GW digital resources. <Link>
  • - Model spoilers from the Privateer Press Lock & Load weekend. <Link>
  • - PP’s Level 7 Escape unveiled. <Link>
  • - The Russians roll out in Dystopian Wars. <Link>
  • - The upcoming release schedule for Malifaux players. <Link>
  • - Malifaux “Dead Heat” global campaign. <Link>

Game-Proofing Your Battlefield (01:15:45)

  • - Sure, your table might look nice – but is it practical? We discuss the best ways to tool up your playing surface to become an arena for champions!

Tournament Tech (02:30:47)

  • - Gone are the days it seems where all we saw at competitive events were the players, their models and their books. Gamers certainly love their gadgets – and Andrew Galea from RHQ stops by to tell us about a special one he’s been working on, as well as to discuss many others!

Deep Strike (03:27:50)

  • - We tackle the latest in tough questions from the miniature gaming industry.


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