Episode #65 – Crash & Burn


Strapping on some wings and more guns than you can poke a stick at, we take to the skies in this episode to investigate the latest additions to the 40K setting – the new flyers! Whether you’re a Marine, Ork or Necron fan, there’s something new for you this month and we take a look back at some of the other aircraft that have graced the skies of the game’s 5th edition as well.

Luke also travels to the annual Blood Bowl staple on the West Australian tournament calendar, the Sandgroper Cup! There we catch up with JJ, a few of the other locals and players from abroad who have made the trip over to play their favourite game.

Intro & Show News (00:55)

  • - Episode sponsors: BattleFoam – Protect your army! & Defiant Gaming – More bang for your buck! (For details on how to sponsor an episode, check out the “Show Support” page here.)

Hobby Update (42:18)

  • - New Warhammer 40,000 Flyer models released. <Link>
  • - Warhammer Historical closes its doors. <Link>
  • - Annual GW price “adjustments” incoming. <Link>
  • - Privateer Press Summer Sale. <Link>
  • - New dungeon terrain on the way for Malifaux players. <Link>
  • - Games Workshop joins the digital age. <Link>
  • - Loads of news from the Privateer Press Lock & Load convention <Link>

Flyers of the 41st Millenium (01:17:07)

  • - We review the new set of flyers that have just been added to Warhammer 40,000 this month, and chat about the impact that flyers have had on the game in general over the last few years.

Live at the Sandgroper Cup! (02:11:53)

  • - It’s the half time update at the Sandgroper Cup Blood Bowl tournament with JJ & Sly Dave! We find out where the guys have been all this time, chat about the events of the weekend’s contest, and lay on a suitable amount of smack talk as well!

The Bloodbowl World Cup (02:34:32)

  • - Blood Bowl veterans Steve Thoms & Bruno Shutz join us for a chat about their performance over the weekend, and to tell tales about their last trip over to Amsterdam to play in the largest tabletop miniatures team tournament on earth – the Blood Bowl World Cup!

Deep Strike (02:57:47)

  • - We tackle the latest in tough questions from the miniature gaming industry.


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