Episode #63 – Rude Awakening

The wait is over… World’s End Radio is BACK!!

Closing out 2011, Luke is joined by Mike & JVB for an absolute megasode! We catch up on the many events of recent months, as well as to give a full breakdown review of the new Warhammer 40,000 Codex: Necrons. We discuss the evolution of the Necron race and how the rules have changed for the force to enable them to compete in the new 40K environment upon their awakening.

Happy new year everyone, and we look forward to the upcoming hobby excitement of 2012!

Intro & Show News (02:19)

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Hobby Update (56:50)

  • - New Warhammer Vampire Counts. <Link>
  • - Retribution Jacks & Orboros Warbeasts for Warmachine/Hordes from Privateer Press. <Link>
  • - Dystopian Wars updates & French forces. <Link>
  • - Forgeworld X-mas jigsaw reveal <Link>

New 40K Codex: Necrons Review – Part 1 (01:29:00)

  • - Our Necrons review begins with a good look at the evolution of the race within the backdrop of the 40K universe, as well as what the book has to offer in the areas of HQ and Troops selections.

New 40K Codex: Necrons Review – Part 2 (02:25:34)

  • - Next we delve into the shadowy depths of the Elite Necrons arsenal, and what the new codex contains for the Fast Attack & Heavy Support areas, and an overview of the new Special Characters leading the Necrons to war.

Final Words (03:19:43)

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Thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy the show!

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