Episode #62 – Gaining Ground

It’s another action packed episode this time, with a bunch of Malifaux related goodness in the spotlight!

We catch up with local henchman Liam Tennant to chat about a few upcoming events and have a look at the Malifaux “Gaining Grounds” competitive play system. We also touch base with Eric Johns from Wyrd miniatures, who spills on the latest releases from Gen Con 2011 and chats about lots of new Malifaux and Puppety goodness!

Intro & Show News (01:04)

  • - Episode sponsors: BattleFoam – Protect your army! Warpuppy – The Miniatures, Games & Hobby House! RHQTV – Game on! & Defiant Gaming – More bang for your buck! (For details on how to sponsor an episode, check out the “Show Support” page here.)
  • - Listener “shout-out”: Justin Hill (author of “Shieldwall“).

Hobby Update (31:50)

  • - New Warhammer Ogres. <Link>
  • - Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher from Forgeworld. <Link>
  • - More Malifaux Twisting Fates goodness. <Link>
  • - Terraclips sold out! <Link>
  • - Upcoming Hordes releases for Domination. <Link> <Link>
  • - Dystopian Wars 2nd wave background. <Link>
  • - Hordes: Domination book covers spoiled. <Link>
  • - A couple of new Warhammer characters released for Chaos & Lizardmen. <Link>
  • - New Skaven & Chaos Dwarfs at Warhammer Forge. <Link>

Malifaux: Competitive Play & Gaining Grounds (01:11:56)

  • - WA Henchman Liam drops in to chat about his latest projects in Malifaux tournaments, and we have a good look through how the Malifaux “Gaining Grounds” system works for competitive play.

Interview: Eric Johns (Wyrd Miniatures) (01:57:17)

  • -Fresh from the busiest Gen Con experience ever, Eric graciously lends us his time to have a chat about the new Puppet Wars game, as well as what we can expect from the soon to be released Malifaux: Twisting Fates book.

Final Words (02:36:37)

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Thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy the show!

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