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Episode #66 – Tricked Out

  This week we tackle a tips & tools session for your battlefields – looking at ways to make them gameproof and more practical for everyday play. Also, Andrew from Rankings HQ drops by for an in-depth discussion about the new & innovative ways that tournament tech is being used at competitive events around the [...]

Episode #65 – Crash & Burn

  Strapping on some wings and more guns than you can poke a stick at, we take to the skies in this episode to investigate the latest additions to the 40K setting – the new flyers! Whether you’re a Marine, Ork or Necron fan, there’s something new for you this month and we take a [...]

Bonus Episode – State of the Art

  We’ve got something a little different for you this week! “State of the Art” is a bonus episode sitting outside of our usual “numbered” episodes, giving us the opportunity to present to you a little bit of content from the World’s End vault that has been unreleased previously. In this episode, Luke catches up [...]