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Son of World’s End!

Some very happy news for Luke this week as he celebrates the birth of his new baby boy Benjamin! Luke has been spending much of his time enjoying the new adventure of fatherhood, and is already planning on ways to re-live his childhood vicariously through his son. This all means of course that whilst Luke [...]

Episode #21 – Middle Earth Massacre

This episode we’re joined once again by Matt “Shadowlord” to discuss the ins and outs of the new incarnation of the Lord of the Rings game: “War of the Ring”. We discuss the new rules in detail, and give you a rundown of some of our top picks for waging epic scale battles across the [...]

Episode #20 – An Immovable Object

We dive into the deep end this week to tackle the “Immovable Object” of much controversy in Games Workshop tournaments: Army Composition! We also catch up with Andrew Galea from Irresistible Force to chat about the National Tournament Rankings, the Australian Team Championships, and a bunch of other stuff they have going on over on [...]