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Bonus Episode – World’s End Mailbag

Time for something a little different this week! Welcome to our first mailbag special. This is a bonus episode sitting outside of our usual “numbered” episodes, and so we’ve taken the opportunity to answer some of our ever burgeoning pile of e-mail and also chat about some other areas of our gaming hobby outside of [...]

Episode #17 – Surviving the Hive

It’s time to journey into the dark depths of Hive Primus as we commence our coverage of the Games Workshop gang fighting skirmish game – Necromunda! We also touch base with Drew Lovell from the WA BRAWL Blood Bowl league for an update on the forthcoming action of the Sandgroper Cup tournament, and what goes [...]

Episode #16 – Down the Rabbit Hole

In addition to our usual news & shenadigans, in this episode we are joined by Black Library writer Nick Kyme to talk about his latest Warhammer & 40K novels, as well as to chat about what it’s generally like to write for the Black Library. We would also like to take the opportunity to welcome [...]