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Episode #12 – Dog Day Sunrise

World’s End Radio is on the road! This episode is recorded on location at Sydney’s premier Warhammer event – Dogcon! It’s 2 of the Wargamers Radio Network shows together for the first time as we team up with the crew from Podhammer at the biggest fantasy battle tournament in the country. Let the mayhem begin!! [...]

Sponsor an episode!

Hey everyone! If you’ve listened to any recent episodes of World’s End Radio, you should be aware that one of the features we are promoting at the moment is listeners being able to sponsor an episode of the podcast which helps to support the show. Episode sponsors are announced at the beginning of each show, [...]

Episode #11 – The Poor Tradesman

Happy new year everyone! To kick-start 2009 this episode we delve into the “gamer’s toolbox” and chat about a wide variety of handy devices you can use to make your games easier and more enjoyable. We enlighten everyone with what’s in store this year on your personal “hobbyscope”, and we announce the winner of our [...]

Happy Birthday Luke!

Happy Birthday Luke!

Today marks Lukes Birthday! Leave a comment for him with Birthday wishes if you so desire or send him an email at !!!