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Episode #10 – Seeing Stars

We have a truly epic holiday sized episode in store for you this week – coming in at well over 2 and a half hours long! Within this monster we continue with the second part of our Battlefleet Gothic game coverage and delve into more detail on the various fleets used in the game. We [...]

Episode #9 – All Ahead FAIL

After a fairly heavy last few months of tournament activity, we take some time out this week to play some games of the fantastic GW Specialist Game – Battlefleet Gothic! This episode sees the first part of our coverage of this great system, as well as our usual features and assorted hobby discussion. Brace for [...]

Episode #8 – Ultimate Showdown! (Part 2)

Part 2 of our mega “Ultimate” fortnight brings us back to cover the WestGamer Ultimate Warhammer 40,000 tournament! Get set for another helping of tournament discussion, player commentary and action from the front lines! Intro (01:06) Player interview: Brendan Dee (14:21) Ultimate 40K Overview & 5th Edition Tournaments (23:34) – We go through the design [...]