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Episode #65 – Crash & Burn

  Strapping on some wings and more guns than you can poke a stick at, we take to the skies in this episode to investigate the latest additions to the 40K setting – the new flyers! Whether you’re a Marine, Ork or Necron fan, there’s something new for you this month and we take a [...]

Episode #58 – On The Ball

We get back to our roots in this episode – with a little game we like to call Blood Bowl! Recorded live at the best annual fantasy football tournament in Western Australia – the Sandgroper Cup, we cover all the action in the 5th year of this event, including some great interviews with people who [...]

WER at the Sandgroper Cup!

Well Luke will be at the Sandgroper Cup this weekend recording with coaches, TO’s and talking all things Bloodbowl – from meta, top tier teams and getting the downlow from the TO’s Drew “Reaper” and Dave “advanceop” on their new projects…. You can follow live score updates as people score their TD’s and Casualties at [...]

Episode #55 – Orcward Embrace

Squigs and Spiders and Boars… oh my! We’re long overdue for a new look at the denizens of the Warhammer World, so this episode we have the pleasure to thumb through the new Orc & Goblin book in all its smashy goodness! Are the Goblins breeding a new race of super spiders? Has someone sneaky [...]

Episode #48 – Epic WIN

Join us this episode as we delve into detail of another one of our beloved Games Workshop specialist games – Epic Armageddon! Special guests Chris & Olly join Luke behind the mic for a comprehensive overview. Whether you like legions of infantry or scores of planet stomping god-engines of destruction, Epic is a titanic way [...]

Episode #40 – Kick-Off Killzone

We make our return to one of the biggest events of the year on the West Aussie tournament calendar – The 4th annual Sandgroper Cup Blood Bowl tournament! Luke and JJ attend the event to report on the action from the pitch, for another great episode of tournament discussion, player commentary and drama from the [...]

Episode #39 – Rank Amateurs

We have a huge episode lined up for you all this time! Luke is joined by 2 of the WA Warhammer elite in the form of Aaron Thompson and Mark Siford to discuss a swag of new rumours for the hotly anticipated Warhammer 8th edition release, as well as a very special interview with Andrew [...]

Episode #35 – Lords Of The Spire

World’s End regular Michael Basc joins us this episode as we make a long awaited return to the dark depths of the Necromunda underhive. We talk about how campaigns work in this great specialist game system, as well as some of the more Outlandish denizens that reside in the deadly lower reaches. Make sure you [...]

Episode #24 – Blood & Cyanide

Dust off your helmet and strap on those spiked gloves as we hit the pitch to chat about one of this year’s biggest PC game releases for GW hobbyists – Blood Bowl! In addition to our detailed review of this great game, we also have our regular news, hobby happenings & the next installment of [...]

Episode #22 – Blatant Forgery

With Luke away on “new daddy duty” this fortnight, JJ forges ahead with the assistance of local hobby veteran Mike Basc to chat about all things related to using Forge World models and other resin kits in your armies. In addition to discussing a range of tips & tricks for working with resin models, the [...]