Other Worlds

Posts with content relating to games from other settings such as other tabletop wargames and board games.

Episode #84 – Sure Bets

Like dropping a fat stack of chips on a seemingly solid poker hand, there’s always an element of risk and uncertainty when it comes to riding the crowd funding wave as a project backer. In this episode, we help you strengthen that gamble by chatting about the ins and outs of sites like Kickstarter and [...]

Episode #78 – Wiggy Wild

Saddle up, lock and load! In this episode, Luke & Mike venture out into the deadly lands of Wild West Exodus! To explore this fantastic new miniatures game, we have not one – but TWO awesome industry interviews! In addition to all of our regular features, we catch up with our friend Craig Gallant (of [...]

Episode #74 – Wing It

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… 3 good friends named Luke, Mike & JJ got together to chat about an awesome little miniatures game called X-Wing! In this episode we give the Fantasy Flight Star Wars space combat system a full review, covering the models, the rules and the competitive scene [...]

Episode #73 – Nerdvana

It’s a full house this episode – as Luke, Mike, Simmo & Olly all catch up to chat about the EPIC event that was PAX Australia 2013! From rampant Dropbears to giant Jenga, as well as pin addiction to booth babe boo boos, we cover it all! Intro & Show News (01:54) – Episode sponsors: [...]

Episode #72 – Drop the Ball

Fresh back behind the Mic from our Studio move, Luke is joined by Sly Dave this episode to talk about Mantic Games‘ futuristic battle sports game: Dreadball! In addition, we chat about what’s caught our eye recently in the Hobby Update, our new featured Kickstarter project – and answer our latest listener Deep Strike questions. [...]

Episode #70 – Plow On Through

World’s End is back to kick off the 2013 season of the show with a journey into the Jwar Isles to explore the game of “Bushido“! This oriental themed skirmish game is ripe with characterful flavour and local expert David Capon joins us in the guest chair to lead us on a journey of discovery [...]

Episode #62 – Gaining Ground

It’s another action packed episode this time, with a bunch of Malifaux related goodness in the spotlight! We catch up with local henchman Liam Tennant to chat about a few upcoming events and have a look at the Malifaux “Gaining Grounds” competitive play system. We also touch base with Eric Johns from Wyrd miniatures, who [...]

Episode #61 – Full Metal Beast

The wait is over! Fueled up and ready for action, this episode sees us unleash the full metal beast that is Warmachine & Hordes tournament gaming! With live discussion from the WA event of the same name, as well as a catchup chat to cover all of the Rankings HQ supported action on the east [...]

Episode #60 – Feel Our Wrath!

This episode sees our return to the Iron Kingdoms, as we take a good look at the latest offering from Privateer Press for Warmachine players: “Wrath!” With new characters and weapons of destruction for each faction to come to grips with, we get stuck right in and review some of our favourite elements of the [...]

Episode #59 – Raging Across The Seas

Get ready for adventure on the high seas of a fantasy realm, as we set sail for The Uncharted Seas! We review this fantastic tactical naval combat title from Spartan Games and discuss some fun ideas for making the realm of the Forbidden Isles come to life on your tabletop. Also, this episode sees a [...]