Episode #88 – The Rogue Traders

Back from our break, we’re diving straight in with a super helping of miniature hobby activity. Warmachine Mk3, 40K Heresy releases, Age of Sigmar,… It’s all happening! In addition to a huge catch-up on recent projects on and off the tables, we take a detailed look at the various methods for buying and selling pre-loved [...]

Episode #87 – Prime Time

Mike’s back on deck for our longest hobby episode yet! Love it or hate it, figure painting is a huge part of the miniature gaming hobby. Some spend all their time on it, whereas others will only ever pick up a brush with a gun to their head. So what happens when painting becomes a [...]

Episode #86 – Limitless

Olly joins us again this episode as we venture forth to Infinity – and beyond! With some of the most stunning models going and an incredibly deep set of rules to get to grips with, Infinity is a force to be reckoned with on the global miniature wargaming stage. With the game recently moving into [...]

Episode #84 – Sure Bets

Like dropping a fat stack of chips on a seemingly solid poker hand, there’s always an element of risk and uncertainty when it comes to riding the crowd funding wave as a project backer. In this episode, we help you strengthen that gamble by chatting about the ins and outs of sites like Kickstarter and [...]

Episode #83 – War Crimes

Game cheats are an age old scourge to competitive events of any variety, and even the miniature gaming hobby has seen its fair share of controversies over the years. In this day and age of sometimes extensive gameplay coverage over media platforms, the liklihood of something out of the ordinary being spotted grows higher and [...]

Episode #82 – Night Knight

From childhood comics, to campy TV fistfights, to the raw vigilante action hitting our cinema screens over the last decade, there is little doubt that the Dark Knight has a place in many of our geeky hearts. With this year being the 75th anniversary of the Caped Crusader, Simon Addicott returns to the show to [...]

Episode #77 – Scrub Up

In this episode, Luke & Mike talk about holding themselves and their opponents accountable by scrubbing up and improving on standards of ‘clean play’ during games. First however, there is a whole mess of recent hobby news and releases to drool over. Better grab that mop! Intro & Show News (02:22) – Episode sponsors: BattleFoam [...]

Episode #76 – Bag o’ Tricks

When engaged in any hobby over time, people tend to build a repertoire of ways to get things done in their own unique fashion. In this episode, Luke & Mike delve into their own personal bags o’ tricks to reveal which hobby tools produced by 3rd party companies they use in this manner – and [...]

Episode #72 – Drop the Ball

Fresh back behind the Mic from our Studio move, Luke is joined by Sly Dave this episode to talk about Mantic Games‘ futuristic battle sports game: Dreadball! In addition, we chat about what’s caught our eye recently in the Hobby Update, our new featured Kickstarter project – and answer our latest listener Deep Strike questions. [...]

Episode #71 – Off Colour

We get back into some good old fashioned miniature hobby talk this episode with a detailed discussion on miniature painting for tabletop wargaming tournaments. What drives players and organisers to create a showcase of stunning miniature figures at these events and how do you score them openly and fairly? This episode also sees the introduction [...]