Episode #84 – Sure Bets

Like dropping a fat stack of chips on a seemingly solid poker hand, there’s always an element of risk and uncertainty when it comes to riding the crowd funding wave as a project backer. In this episode, we help you strengthen that gamble by chatting about the ins and outs of sites like Kickstarter and [...]

Episode #83 – War Crimes

Game cheats are an age old scourge to competitive events of any variety, and even the miniature gaming hobby has seen its fair share of controversies over the years. In this day and age of sometimes extensive gameplay coverage over media platforms, the liklihood of something out of the ordinary being spotted grows higher and [...]

Episode #82 – Night Knight

From childhood comics, to campy TV fistfights, to the raw vigilante action hitting our cinema screens over the last decade, there is little doubt that the Dark Knight has a place in many of our geeky hearts. With this year being the 75th anniversary of the Caped Crusader, Simon Addicott returns to the show to [...]

Episode #0 – Zero Signal

Today, on our show’s 6th(!) anniversary – take a journey with us, back to where it all began… 80+ episodes in, it can be a little tough to jump into a podcast as a new listener. But if you want to do just that, then this is the episode for you! In this episode, your [...]

Episode #81 – Room with a View

Man caves. Fun forts. Lad lairs. Call them what you like – they’re an absolutely essential part of many gamer’s home hobby environment. In this episode we open the doors to our own games rooms and chat about what makes them special, as well as some tips and direction on how to improve your own. [...]

Episode #80 – Half Measures

The winds of change are blowing once again, this time throughout the universe of the 41st millenium. In this episode we open the book on the new 7th edition of Warhammer 40,000 and muse on the impacts it brings to the world’s most popular dark future miniature game setting. Tune in also for our regular [...]

Episode #79 – Mechanize

Almost every miniature game has a “hook” of some sort in the way it plays. A noteworthy aspect of its rules system that creatively captures the elements of the game setting your imagination wants to escape to and breaks it down to a tabletop form. In this episode, we take a closer look at some [...]

Episode #78 – Wiggy Wild

Saddle up, lock and load! In this episode, Luke & Mike venture out into the deadly lands of Wild West Exodus! To explore this fantastic new miniatures game, we have not one – but TWO awesome industry interviews! In addition to all of our regular features, we catch up with our friend Craig Gallant (of [...]

Episode #77 – Scrub Up

In this episode, Luke & Mike talk about holding themselves and their opponents accountable by scrubbing up and improving on standards of ‘clean play’ during games. First however, there is a whole mess of recent hobby news and releases to drool over. Better grab that mop! Intro & Show News (02:22) – Episode sponsors: BattleFoam [...]

Episode #76 – Bag o’ Tricks

When engaged in any hobby over time, people tend to build a repertoire of ways to get things done in their own unique fashion. In this episode, Luke & Mike delve into their own personal bags o’ tricks to reveal which hobby tools produced by 3rd party companies they use in this manner – and [...]